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Our Mission

Predictive People Analytics (PPA) aims at creating a platform for knowledge exchange between academia and firms on current trends in HR practices, issues, and opportunities.

Why we care

While human capital is universally recognized as a crucial factor for firms' success, it is hard to measure and non-trivial to harness. In addition, modern firms face new challenges and opportunities, as technological progress is changing the workplace.

Our Promise

PPA brings together academic researchers and HR professionals to generate new insights and develop tools by leveraging big data and state-of-the-art economic research methods.

Meet the Team


Florian Englmaier

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Florian Englmaier is a full Professor of Organizational Economics at the University of Munich (LMU). Florian's main research interest lies in the fields of the Economics of Organizations and Human Resources, where he focuses on agency problems within organizations.

In his research, Englmaier strives to combine the merits of careful theoretical modelling with sound empirical strategies aiming at uncovering causal relationships. Among others, his studies have contributed to the research in behavioral contracting, relational contracts, team organization and performance, the political economy of state-controlled enterprises, and efficiency of internet auction markets.


Nadzeya Laurentsyeva

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Nadzeya Laurentsyeva is a Postdoc at the Chair of Organizational Economics at the University of Munich (LMU) and an Associate Research Fellow at the Economic Policy Unit of CEPS, Brussels – one of the leading European Think Tanks.

Nadzeya’s research interests are in the fields of Economics of Migration and Organizational Economics. Among others, Nadzeya has studied the effects of labour mobility on firm productivity and innovation, the role of firms in immigrants’ integration, and the determinants of team performance.


Thomas Fackler

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Thomas Fackler is a Postdoc at the Chair of Organizational Economics at the University of Munich (LMU) and an Economist at the Center for Industrial Organization and New Technologies at the ifo Institute.

Thomas' work explores policy-relevant determinants of innovation as well as the effects of digitization. His research studies the role of emigration, patents, and competition in innovation. He also works on an evaluation of the broadband funding program and has recently co-authored a report on the consequences of digitization for the German labor market. 


Ingrid Haegele

Korin Mima

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Ingrid Haegele is a labor economist and will be joining the University of Munich (LMU) in 2022 after receiving her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. She studies how organizational design affects internal talent mobility, labor market outcomes, and long-term inequality. In her research, she collaborates with large companies to provide new data-driven insights on the role of organizations.

Korin Mima is a third-year student at LMU University where she is pursuing her degree in Communication and Media Science and a minor in Political Science. In her studies, Korin is focusing on marketing, research and strategic business communication. Upon completion of her bachelor studies, she intends to apply for masters to further her knowledge of media and progress towards a career as a researcher.





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