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Motivating Bureaucrats: Group incentives and Organizational Performance in Local Governments (Pilot Project)

Matteo Bobba, Gianmarco Leon and Leonaed Wantchekon

Working paper IGC


This report looks at the development and results of the pilot project of a large-scale field experiment in Benin aimed at enhancing public service provision by means of group and individual incentives tied to on-the-job productivity of local level bureaucrats. Extensive preliminary qualitative work was conducted in the summer of 2016 to assess the legitimacy, the straightforwardness, and the usability of potential performance measures in this context. In early 2017, two types of incentive schemes were implemented among 6 town-halls (communes), as the lowest level of administration in Benin. Accordingly, three communes were assigned to a group tournament amongst the teams (services) of their local governments, in which the best performing service received monetary and non-monetary awards as measured by the degree of completion of predetermined performance targets.

Bureaucracy, Administrative Processes in Public Organizations, Corruption, Public Sector Labor Markets, Microeconomic Analyses of Economic Development

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