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Why partner
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Our goal

We strive to establish a cutting-edge platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between academia and firms in the realm of human resources management.

Focus on the frontier research

PPA seeks to empower businesses to make data-driven and predictive decisions about their workforce by leveraging the latest technological tools and research methods.

Empowering people management in firms

PPA aims to drive advancements in the field of HR management by fostering a more dynamic and informed approach to people management. The initiative is geared towards creating a robust ecosystem for the exchange of ideas, expertise, and best practices between academia and businesses, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing their workforce.

Join us!

Predictive People Analytics is building an unprecedented body of knowledge through collaborations with adventurous firms to understand and lead the transformation of their workplace. By collaborating with our partners to tackle these ambitious challenges, we are forging a new path forward.

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