The new PPA video: The impact of Work from Home (WFH) during the pandemic

Updated: May 11

We start 2021 by introducing a new format! In PPA videos, leading professionals from various industries and top researchers in the field of Personnel Economics share their insights about the emerging issues in HR.

The first PPA video reflects on one of the widely discussed HR topics in 2020: Work from home.

Work from home has been on the minds of many for long, even before the pandemic. However, the share of employees working from home had remained low. The pandemic served as a push factor for adopting working from home practices, new to many firms. Despite many benefits of working remotely, it also brought organizational challenges. Communication and coordination have become harder, and there are fewer opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences. New arrangements have affected the organization of teams and the roles of managers.

In the video, Oliver Falck, Director of the ifo Center for Industrial Organization and New Technologies, presents findings of the recent studies on Germany’s capacities to work from home and discusses how firms and employees adjusted to the pandemic. Anna Kopp (IT Director, Microsoft) and Thorsten Kühnel (Senior Digital Executive) reflect on how the pandemic has changed HR practices in their companies.

Check the CESifo Working Paper: Germany’s Capacity to Work from Home https://www.cesifo.org/DocDL/cesifo1_wp8227.pdf


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